Belinda Hammet

Published: 14 April 2017

As a woman we gather many labels through our lives, some positive, some not so. The last label I received was widow,unexpected and imposed. Over the past two years, I have dealt with living on my own, knowing my beautiful man is in my heart always.

Suddenly I realise that I am reaching 60 years of age , my life list is still incomplete.....then I notice that Kensa Boudoir, are offering photo shoots and half will be donated to Breast Cancer Care, a charity dear to the family. To me this was an omen,.

I have never liked having my photo taken, always felt a little conscious. However, this was an opportunity to see what others see in me. Deep breath and go for it ! I spoke to Karen, and the date was booked.

On the day I thought I would be nervous, in fact I was a little excited about challenging myself, this was for me . So , bag packed outfits neatly folded and off I went. Chatting to Karen and Mel was similar to chatting to close friends, Mel worked miracles and I gained a few tips. Then the moment arrived. Karen made me laugh throughout, I felt completely at ease. She has an incredible gift of seeing the beauty in you. She reaches that inner sex goddess. I had brought with me my beautiful man's football shirt and scarf , I wore these with pride , stockings and heels !

The following week, I returned to view the photos, my first response was " is that me ?" Choosing the photos was so difficult , yet with guidance the task was completed .

What did I gain from this experience.......that all women are beautiful, this I know . That we sometimes have to listen to that voice inside us and agree we are worth it. The biggest gain, was that I now see what others see and why my amazing man would always tell me , " your beautiful ".