Sarah Brumpton

Published: 12 April 2017

I have always had very bad self esteem problems due to depression and my size, which has got worse since I had a major accident that left me with spinal problems.
No matter how much my husband told me how sexy I was to him, I constantly felt he was saying it because he had to. To prove to me I am everything he says I am, he booked for me to have a shoot with the lovely Karen.

Ladies, to say I was pooping it when I turned up would be an understatement!!! But straight away I was sat down and told to relax. While my make up and hair was taken care of, it was like I was one of the girls. We chatted, told stories, laughed and this put me at ease.
When I was shown a mirror it was like looking at the face of someone I wanted to be but never thought I would be.
Then came the photo shoot, scared I went into the studio with Karen. Rather than rush into the pictures we discussed what I wanted to do and how I wanted to look. What I did not want to be pictured looking like and which bits I wanted to hide (very important).
The shoot was fun, if not always in comfortable positions I went with what Karen suggested and she really knows what she is about. Before I knew it we had taken lots of pictures and Karen assured me I would love them and that I looked sexy. Which when it came to the viewing was true.

Doing this has given me a confidence boost and shown me that I can be attractive and sexy. The pictures are a constant reminder I can be someone I like and I have even shown them off to a few people which I said I would never do.

Thank you ladies for helping me begin to like myself x