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Welcome to Kensa Boudoir; we are an all-female team based in the heart of Devon and are committed to making ladies feel great about themselves whilst giving them a well-deserved boost of confidence.

Our studio has been running for 3 years and so far we have inspired confidence in hundreds of women, with ladies visiting our studio from all over the South West. We believe that everyone has the right to feel gorgeous and confident about how they look.

We want our ladies to come away from the studio feeling great about themselves. Most of our customers have never been photographed professionally and come to us for a boost of confidence or to create a surprise gift for a loved one. Our photo albums are very popular! We see ladies in all shapes and sizes and all ages too, ranging from 18-70!

A boudoir photo shoot experience really can be for everyone and we guide you through all the poses, so there is no pressure about having any previous experience! We are experts in dealing with the nervous and the very nervous! We deliver boudoir experiences that are both a relaxing and positive experience, which will leave you feeling great about yourself and like you have spent time with some special friends.


Our Customer Stories

Belinda Hammet

Published: 14 Apr 17

As a woman we gather many labels through our lives, some positive, some not so. The last label I received was widow,unexpected and imposed. Read More...

Sarah Brumpton

Published: 12 Apr 17

I have always had very bad self esteem problems due to depression and my size Read More...

Karen Woodman

Published: 22 Feb 17

I didn’t have the nicest of childhood, my dad is very much of a bully. Through my teenage years he would constantly look at me and come out with horrible comments about my body and make fun of me. I was also bullied at school. Read More...